Background History

Background history of the Wallaroo Smelters Office building is extensive and is closely connected with the spirit of the Copper triangle, and played an important role in the economy of the emerging state of South Australia.

  • Wallaroo Smelters office 1861 – 1923
  • Private residence
  • Seafarers Accommodation
  • Holiday Accommodation 2016 on

After the discovery of copper in 1859, the Wallaroo mining and smelting Company was constructed on the reclaimed shores of Wallaroo and reputedly became one of the largest smelters in the southern hemisphere.The furnace was first lit in 1861 and the 120 foot high Hughes stack was used for the first time. Two months later 12 furnaces and 11 smaller chimney stacks were in operation. By June 1873 there were 32 furnaces.
The Hughes stack and the Smelters office are the last two standing relics of that rich era, and you can now have your holiday in the smelters office building.