Open Day response

Well that was just amazing.
We estimated 150-200 people came through on Sunday. The whole day saw people going through the building. Every room seemed to be full. We heard someone saying “that was so good, I’m going back around for another look”
We raised $538 for the RFDS, which was great, and got another taste of what this building is doing for us. There seems to be so much interest in the building, its past, and its future, and it has made us feel quite humble in the way that it has taken us in directions we hadn’t thought of.
A few little stories:
1. An elderly lady was interested in having a look through, and dropped a gold coin in the box on entry. She was so thrilled with what she saw that she made a point of going back to the entry point and inserting a larger note in the donation box.
2. People came from all over the place – Wallaroo, Kadina, Bute – even Adelaide.
3. Everyone loved the placement of photo’s around the building. “It brought life to the building”.
4. A lot of people seem to have a personal connection with the building, and we were over-awed with the interest and goodwill.

Many thanks to the people who came. We wish we had the time to take photo’s during the day. We were just flat-out all day.

Oh, and we’ve had bookings already.

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