Office Beach holiday rental accommodation

Office beach is probably the nicest and most accessible beach in Wallaroo, and it’s right alongside the Ferry terminal for gulf crossings.
Why do they call it Office Beach?Wallaroo Smelters Office
The smelters accommodation building used to be the pay office for the smelters as well as the business administration office. It would have been the “nerve centre” of the town at the time, and is the only remaining building with a direct link to the historical Wallaroo Smelters company.
So the beach took its name from the building over 150 years ago.
It stands with the W.W.Hughes chimney stack as an iconic reminder of Wallaroo’s importance to the economic health of South Australia.
Wallaroo is fortunate to have the building as an office beach holiday rental.

Wallaroo beachfront guest house

Where else can you have a roomy and comfortable Wallaroo beachfront guest house. Yes, right on the beach, with room for well over 12 people, and with plenty of bathrooms and showers. You can have the whole building to yourselves. There’s enough room and privacy to have quiet areas yet and still allow the noisy active ones to have their fun.

Wallaroo Accommodation

Thinking about Wallaroo accommodation?

Things are really happening at Wallaroo Smelters accommodation.
smeltersbinsThere are new showers completed in the East Wing.
The roof and gutters are getting a new coat of paint.
The East Wing kitchen is being upgraded.
Plenty of powers points are now available in all rooms.
A new bin area made by Graham (see at left)
Sharon and Graham are now experts at the floor polisher, and are no longer careering out of control into the walls. 😉

Why not consider booking a holiday in Wallaroo.

Wallaroo Smelters Accommodation

Wallaroo is one of the best holiday towns in South Australia. Only 2 hours from Adelaide, and with pristine beaches, great fishing  and surrounded by the beautiful Australian farmland. Enjoy the unique blend of a fun place to visit and the fascinating heritage of past glories at Wallaroo Smelters Accommodation.
Enjoy seafront holidays in an expansive, heritage-listed building that has all the conveniences of today’s living with the wonderful atmosphere of grand houses of the past.
Graham Pridham and Sharon Haines have taken on the huge task of renovating the building, and it  is now available for your next holiday.
graham and sharon